Using Cheap Color Copies Advertisements

When you are running a new business you are going to need a few suitable methods to promote and advertise your company. It will be better if those methods are affordable as well as effective. After all, you do not want to waste the entire monetary resources of the company only on advertising. The print media is perfect when it comes to advertising on a small budget.

Small or even medium companies can derive great benefits from cheap color copies marketing. No other medium of advertising is as good as printed advertisements for these companies. Even large corporations and organizations have been known to invest in printed advertisements to promote their companies. The primary benefit that color copies offer to your company is the ability to promote your products on a large scale without the need to spend lots of money. These advertisements are quite effective as well for they bring in sizable returns and sales.

Should Color Copies Be Cheap Always?

If you have already taken the decision to advertise your company through printed color copies, then you will have to take into account certain considerations regarding the marketing project. Color copies can become a crucial component of your entire advertising program but it will not be very effective unless you consider its various aspects.

It is a fact that advertising through color copies can be a cheap affair. Be that as it may, you should only use cheap color copies when it will be profitable for your company. You need to consider the time and the scope of the color copies marketing program. If you want your clients to be duly impressed by your color copies and hang on to them for a long time, then you can never print your color copies cheaply. Your customers will never be impressed by your color copies.

Using Color Copies in Marketing

You can use color copies in different ways to promote your company or your products and services. Marketing through color copies is a very easy process. The fact is that there are different types of color copies that can be created. Some color copies are nothing more than flyers while printed calendars can be considered to be a type of color copies as well. This means that the methods of distribution are diverse as well.

  • You can print color copies contain information about your company and products and arrange them in a presentation folder. This folder can then be given to each of the potential clients that have a meeting or conference with you.


  • You can print color copies as flyers. You can distribute flyers in various ways. You can distribute them at shopping malls, road intersections or simply in front of your store. Even though it may seem that these flyers will be a waste as most will end up being thrown away, the fact is that some people will respond and that will be good enough to improve your business.
  • You can print coupons or discount vouchers into the color copies. It can improve the marketing ability of the color copies by a significant margin. More of your potential customers will respond to the color copies in order to avail themselves of the offer in the coupons and vouchers.

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Printing Color Copies

You can print color copies to advertise your company to a large consumer base. You can even print color copies to provide information to certain clients. Either way, you will need to think about how to print the color copies. You can print your color copies in one of two ways.

  • Printing using the color printer at home or office.
  • Printing using the help of a professional printing agency.

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Your choice of printing method should only be chosen after you have considered a number of factors about the marketing campaign that you are going to conduct using color copies.

The Number of Color Copies Required

You should know already how many color copies you need for your marketing project. If you are only printing a small number of color copies, then you can get them easily printed using the printer at home on at the office. Printing them through an agency can cause you to end up paying more due to the additional costs and overheads required. On the other hand, larger quantities are better off being printed by an agency. They can print large numbers faster and it will be cheaper. You will need to buy additional ink cartridges for your own printer if you printing large quantities. Moreover, those cartridges can be pretty costly.

Printing in Batches

You may require a few color copies once in a while. If you are going to be printing small batches of color copies over the span of a few months or a year, then your own printer will be more than sufficient for the task. It is a good way to save on a lot of money. If you hire an agency for the printing job, then you will need to pay for their services and all their overheads every time you need your color copies. You may even have to pay for the delivery too.

The Size and Quality of the Color Copies

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You should already know what size of color copies you are aiming for. If your color copies are of the standard A4 size, you can simply use the printer you have. Most home and office printers have this as their limit for the size of the paper. However, if your color copies are not going to be of the standard size, you will need the help of a printing agency to get your color copies printed. They can print color copies in various sizes. At the same time, they will have a variety of paper materials and inks in stock to give you complete freedom over the quality of the color copies that you are getting printed.

Color copies are undoubtedly useful. It is simply up to you to choose the best way to use those color copies to promote your company.

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