How to Make Your Homemade Invitations?



Designing for your own party invitations sounds like a difficult task. Definitely someone will be capable of telling the design is very unprofessional. The home-made invitations can look great if you do some preliminary research and if you get acquainted with the basic of the designs. The selection of the high-quality paper and ink will play an important role.


The invitations requite to contain several elements. Knowing to put together and how to choose visuals, colors and fonts will give your invitations that the professional appearance you are trying to achieve.


Design Basics of Invitation Printing

Design is regulated by the number of important principles. The most important rule is ‘less is always more’. You may feel tempted to cullet the invitation but the desires will hint towards the lack of professional understanding. You can have the single prominent element. It can be a piece of clipart or the photograph or the font which you can choose for the announcement. All the other elements can play a supportive role. Free Postcard Printing Samples Free Postcard Printing Samples

  • Let your invitation breathe. Keep some white space in your invitation. There is no need to place information all over the page in order to be filled. It’s important to remember that the invitation plays the function apart from the aesthetic rule. You can keep the readability in mind. People must get all the information immediately.


  • If you are not certain how to apply the principles of the design, then you can start by examining the works of the others. You can go to the party store. Examine all the invitations. You can see the designer uses space. Where the text can be placed? What type of the visuals can make your invitation look attractive?


  • You have to pay close attention to the selection of the colors and the manner in order to enhance the image. Just do simple web research. You will discover hundreds of the party invitations. Save the one which you prefer. You can refer to the designs which you like and start making your own invitation.


  • Professional design will be enhanced by the selection of the high-quality supplies. If you want to print the invitations on your own, then you have to pick the right type of paper. The paper is available in various shapes and sizes. You can discover different weights, different textures and colors.


  • The texture of the paper can be an element of the design in itself. If you pick the paper which is very specific, then you have to keep the visuals inconspicuous.


  • Select the thick type of paper. It will definitely look better and will remain undamaged after mailing. Some of the thin papers have to be semi-transparent and print on the page with the designs.


  • The appearance of the invitation cards will be very professional if you decide to take the printing process to an expert.


  • The professional printing houses will consult you and will give you various options. You can also get useful tips and designs. It’s a wise idea to show your work to the professional before getting the invitations printed.


  • You have to be creative and aesthetic understanding while designing your own invitations. Make these invitations functional and pretty. You can use high-quality visuals and also the high–quality supplies. This is the best way in order to guarantee the professional appearance of the invitations. The printer goes through the break-down for every ink color. Printers hand to feed the paper in the press.


Letterpress Wedding Invitations


If you are shopping for the wedding invitations, then there is a dizzying variety of the printing process to choose from the digital, embossed, offset and others. You must know that you want an elegant and classic style but you have to know the right process.


The letterpress printing is the most elegant way to invite the guests for the formal affair. The most brides will consider using the method for the invitations. Letterpress is a class way to print the programs, orders of the service and wedding cards and also the thank you notes and the reply cards.


What is Letterpress Printing?


Invented by Johannes Gutenberg, the printer is first used in order to print Christian Bibles. Since then, the printer is used to craft special invitations. In this process of printing, the raised surface is inked and pressed in the paper giving the invitation a 3-dimensioanl texture which looks great. The wedding cards and the invitations can run through the press which allows slight variations in order to make each invitation unique.


Why is Custom Letterpress Invitations Expensive?


The letterpress is an artisan craft which is the part skill and art. The cost included in the price will be for the plate which is used in order to press the text. The labor costs are included as the each piece of stationary requires the press to torn down and set up again. Likewise, the printer goes through the same break-down/set-up process for each ink color. Printers also hand feed the paper into the press.


Another reason for printing the letterpress wedding cards and the invitations can be pricey which the presses not run of the mail print the shops. These are frequently owned and operated by the artists who die printing and also design work. This means that you are not paying for printing the wedding cards but also for the design and the layout.


Best Paper for Letterpress Invitations


The print method can use a variety of paper. Several printers recommend 100% cotton as the softness of the sheet allows for crisp printing which looks good. Printing the letterpress wedding invitations can be eco-friendly. For instance, the organic and the recycled appears are mostly used for the letterpress invitations.


This widely depends on the company that you choose. The small pop printer might take 4 to 6 weeks to deliver the product, while the larger company can print the letterpress wedding cards and the invitations within a few days. The invites needs to0 be mailed about 8 to 12 weeks before the scheduled date. Make sure that you order plenty of time in order trio assemble and address your letterpress wedding invitations.


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