Design Mouse Pads to Promote Your Company


The cut throat competition in advertising means that businesses need to constantly innovate and bring in new ideas to promote their services. Proper promotion will enable companies to grow their business by increasing the number of customers who purchase their products. At the same time, companies need to keep an eye on the returns that their investments in advertising are making. Companies, especially the small ones, need to balance their investments so that they will be able to make a profit when the customers come in.

Many companies are now looking towards alternative means of advertising so as to make lower investments. A cheap mouse pad marketing plan can be a good solution to their needs. Mouse pads are used by nearly everyone and companies can use this fact to their advantage as they promote their goods through them.

Mouse Pads and Their Advantages for Businesses

Mouse pads are used by everyone who possesses a computer. In today’s world, nearly all companies and most of your customers use a computer regularly. This makes mouse pads perfect for your advertising needs. They will be used on a daily basis which makes them prone to noticing your advertisement at least a few times over the course of the day.

Printed advertisements are generally ignored by the consumer population. They will rarely give a second glance to fliers and brochures as they receive far too many of those over the course of the day. Fliers, brochures and cards are seldom kept by people as these pieces of paper as they are almost never used to serve any other purpose. Mouse pads will be convenient for your business and your customers as well. They will keep your mouse pads as they can use them unlike promotional materials that have been printed on paper.

The costs associated with mouse pads are negligible especially when you consider that your company logo will be exposed to your clients regularly. As it is, making a mouse pad is quite cost effective. You will be able to decrease your investment if you opt for online printing services. They tend to give better discounts for your orders. Assuming that you make a large order for your mouse pads, you will be able to avail yourself of a bigger discount.

If you wish to get a better feedback through sales for your mouse pads, try distributing them for free. Free items are, in all probability, going to be used and kept by people. It may seem like the investment is going to be wasted but it won’t. Instead your customers may come back to make purchases just to pay back the favor of a free mouse pad.

Designing Tips for Your Mouse Pads

Mouse pads will be used by your customers and clients nearly every day. So it makes sense for you to design your mouse pads to look usable and good.

The Shapes of Your Mouse Pad

Your mouse pad can be modeled into various shapes. In that way, they are quite versatile. Most mouse pads are made into generic shapes like rectangles, squares or circles. You can opt for a different shape to keep your mouse pads different and unique among others. Ergonomic shapes for mouse pads are in huge demand these days as many people tend to work on their computers for a long period of time on a daily basis.

You can also opt for a different style by choosing the shape of your mouse pad based on your design rather than the other way around. The flexibility in molding mouse pads means that you can use almost any shape. You can choose a design that suits your company’s image or any item that your company sells. A sports company can go for a circular shape for a baseball motif. If your company’s logo is striking, then you can make the shape of your mouse pad similar to the shape of the logo. Your customers will be able to understand what kind of services you offer by just looking at your mouse pad.

The Color Schemes

A mouse pad needs to have a bit of color so that it looks good. Your chosen color palette should revolve around the colors of the logo of your company. Your company’s profile will be highlighted. It will make people locate your logo and name quicker and they might even store the information for future use.

The colors should be suitable for your target audience as well. A children’s store can use bright attractive colors reminiscent of their store’s colors. Your design and color palette should match well. Using dark colors on a baseball design makes no sense.

The Layout of Your Mouse Pads

The layout can be nearly anything that you want as mouse pads can manage to look good with nearly anything design. A publishing house can print mouse pads for their clients which look as though the mouse pad was cut out from a book by having words run across a white background. A business which thrives on creativity can go for abstract and colorful designs. Make the design that identifies with your company’s products.

The Borders

You can print your design through two ways. One uses bleed and the other one uses borders. Bleeding your design means that your mouse pad will not have any noticeable border. Instead your design will be stretched to the ends completely. Borders will remove this and make it look tidier. Both of these effects can be used but you will need to check if they suit your overall design. Most mouse pads are printed with bleed rather than with borders.

Mouse pads are costlier to produce and print compared to the other printed forms of advertisements. However, they are items that can be used by your customers who will keep it around for a long time. This kind of longevity in advertisements is seldom possible with the other methods. Moreover, a tempting mouse pad will make others curious about its origin. New clients can be garnered as they will come to your company to satisfy their curiosity.


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